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Taking Your Pet Abroad With You?

For Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

Customs requires pet passports for dog, cats and ferrets to enter or re-enter the UK, to ensure your pet is fit to travel and not carrying any dangerous conditions or diseases that could spread here.

Get Your Pet Passport

At Bilston Veterinary Clinic, we can ensure your pet is fit for travelling, and use our records to confirm they are up to date with their vaccinations to provide you with a valid passport for your pet to travel.

Plan Ahead - Book Now

Many countries require vaccinations to be completed well before travelling, so if you are considering taking your pet on your next trip, get your passport well in advance. Contact us for further information.

We Offer a Range of Services


Pet Dentist

Vet Services

Bring your pet to us for check-ups, first aid and neutering.


By 2016, all dogs in England will be required to be chipped.

Many diseases that can be fatal to your pet are still in the UK.

Preventative care can keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy.

Are you planning extended travel abroad, and don't want to leave your pet behind with a friend or kennel? You'll need a pet passport to take your pet abroad, as well as to return it to the UK.

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