Dog Neutering

This procedure can be done from 6 months of age for both male and female dogs.

Females (spaying)

Firstly, there is no need for a bitch to have her first season except in a few circumstances. There is also no benefit for her to have a litter first, these are common misunderstandings. Spaying involves removal of the ovaries and womb (uterus) therefore no more seasons and of course no accidental pregnancies. Further advantages include reduced risk of mammary tumours (breast cancer) and of course no risk of womb infections (pyometra) or uterine tumours (womb cancer) both of these conditions are a serious life-threatening condition which is extremely common in older bitches if not spayed.

Dogs (castration)

Many owners choose to have their male dogs castrated and it is recommended for a variety of reasons. Behavioural problems, notably dominant aggression, excessive urinary marking etc. are often hormone related and can be cured or noticeably reduced by castration. There are also important health benefits as prostate infection/cancer rates are reduced as are other hormone-related tumours, again both of these are common and serious in older entire dogs.


Cat Neutering

Females (spaying)

Numbers of unwanted kittens are a nationwide problem, due to cats being out alone and able to have repeated seasons, the potential for many kittens and not enough homes is an ongoing concern. We advise spaying for all cats at around 6 months of age preferably before they have started to go out alone and as for dogs, this involves removal of the ovaries and uterus, therefore, no seasons and no more kittens!

Males (castration)

Tomcats always require castration, again at 6mnths of age. Entire toms can become difficult and unsociable to keep at home. Hormones create very strong territorial and mating instinct and because they are more driven to roaming they can easily produce many offspring! They will spray urine to mark territory and often this can be on someone else's property! Infectious diseases are more common as they have a strong fighting instinct and often someone else's innocent cat can be the victim…

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