From April 2016 it became a legal requirement for all UK dogs to be microchipped and owner details held on a national database no later than 8 weeks of age. Breeders must be the first registered keeper and the details changed to the new owner when purchased.
Similarly, any adult dog being rehomed must have current ownership information entered onto the database.
The responsibility for this is with both new and previous owners when selling or adopting.

We are happy to advise on all aspects of microchipping along with the procedure itself.

A simple injection to implant the chip is all it takes. This can be done during a consultation and although a slightly larger needle, it is basically the same as any other injection given underneath the skin at the back of the dog’s neck. Each chip contains a unique barcode number allocated to the dog. When scanned with a barcode reader this allows access to the owner information held on the database. All vets, rescue centres, dog wardens have these readers, allowing us to reunite missing pets with their owners. The chip cannot be removed or seen, it lasts a lifetime and there is only one initial payment at the time of implantation.

Not forgetting cats!

Although it is not compulsory, we always advise cats are microchipped too! Sometimes it is even more important for our feline friends as they do wander and are more likely to appear as a stray to an unsuspecting neighbour or unfortunately become involved in accidents on the road. There are few events more frustrating than a stray cat that has been injured and we cannot trace an owner.

“The care and dedication from Steve and all the girls at the vets shown to our cat over the past 3 years through his illness was nothing short of...Well I have no words to say how fantastic they all are caring, compassionate and always willing to fight when there's a chance. Thank you all so much.”

Stephen Thompson