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Professional Pet Tooth Care

Save Your Pet the Pain

Anyone who's ever had a cavity or root canal can tell you how painful and serious a dental problem can be. The same is true for your pet - poor oral hygiene can affect their health and cause serious pain.

Early Detection Can Help

If you notice a foul smell or something that looks wrong with your pet's teeth, get in touch with the vets at Bilston Veterinary Clinic for advice on treatment.

Book Your Pet's Check-up

Regular check-ups at your vet can help catch dental issues before they become a serious problem. Both you and your pet will feel better when their health is professionally cared for.

Count on Us For Everything


Pet Passport

Vet Services

First aid, check-ups and neutering keep your pet safe and happy.


Microchipping is the best way to identify your lost pet.

Keep your dog or cat up to date on their vaccines to guard against disease.

A current pet passport is required for travel abroad.

Pet dentistry is an increasingly common service offered to dog and cat owners to help keep their pets healthy and safe. At Bilston Veterinary Clinic, we provide treatment for dental issues as well as preventative care.

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